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Do not be deceived by false rumours: Minister

‘Ensure peace amongst each other’

Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure, and Community Development Minister Palani Thigambaram, while commending the security forces' efforts to arrest the suspects involved in the Easter Sunday attacks, requested all citizens not to be deceived by the rumours of vested interests.

The minister said in a statement yesterday that all citizens had a responsibility to maintain peace in the country.

“If we are not united, we would witness the loss of human lives, as well suffer a considerable economic setback,” he stated.

The statement read, “The country was shocked and saddened after the cruel attacks that took place on Easter Sunday. The security forces acted swiftly and were able to bring the situation under control. They have taken the necessary measures to apprehend the suspects as soon as possible.”

“Amidst the tense situation, a few extremists, in order to fulfill their selfish ends, created trouble in other parts of the country, including Chilaw, Wariyapola, and Minuwangoda,” the minister stated.

“We do not approve or support religious extremism or ethnic violence. If this is allowed to continue, we may have to face a situation similar to what we experienced during the 1983 riots, which affected thousands of innocent Tamils and led to the civil war,” the statement read.

“We saw a vast improvement in the country's economy that had previously hit rock-bottom owing to a 30-year civil war. Now, after the Easter Sunday attacks, we are back at square one. If we are not united—if we fighting amongst ourselves—we shall witness the country's economy suffer yet again,” Minister Thigambaram stated.

“Therefore, we humbly request all our citizens not to be deceived by the rumours that are spread by a few people with ulterior motives. Be united and live in peace,” the statement said.



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