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‘Groups using pain to spread hate’

The recent developments in the country show that there are groups taking advantage of people’s pain and vulnerability to promote hate and incite violence, Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva said in a statement issued to the media.

“If we give in to these manipulations and get caught in a divisive, racial conflict, the economy which we have been reviving with great difficulty will hit a setback that generations to come will struggle to recover from,” he said.

“The Easter Sunday attacks took the lives of many innocent people and injured and forever changed the lives of many others. They were our family, our friends, and our guests; we all grieve with them and share a collective wound that constantly hurts and angers us,” Minister de Silva said.

“As a representative of the government, I share a sense of immense regret and embarrassment about the government’s inability to prevent this tragedy, even after having received prior warnings,” he added.

The impact of these attacks on the tourism sector, as well as the local economy, has been immeasurable. However, as an economist, I can assure you that with the right strategy, the economy can recover and come back stronger, the same way other nations who were victims to ISIS attacks have recovered, the Minister said.

“I urge the authorities to strengthen the country’s security to prevent this situation from escalating at all costs, as well as to punish those who manipulate citizens and spread hate. The challenge ahead of us is to eradicate all extremist ideologies from the country so that all Sri Lankans can live in peace,” Minister de Silva said.


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