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Citizens' Mail (16.05.2019)

Well done Your Eminence

According to the local press the Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has refused to accept a bullet proof car. Hence this letter.

As a clergyperson of a Church close to the Catholics I am proud of the Cardinal. This I say because the Cardinal has said that God is his Protector.

I hope and pray that all of us in the Church in this country will follow the good example of the Cardinal. Thank you Cardinal.

Fr. Sydney Knight

Sri Lanka will resurrect

After the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday, Sri Lanka has to face many difficult situations. The tourist industry has collapsed. Our economy has gone down. All the people are shocked of what happened. Social life is in a mess. Schools are closed. Universities are closed. Exams are cancelled. All functions are indefinitely postponed.

Tourists arrivals have been affected. Most of the countries advise their citizens not to come to Sri Lanka till the situation is well under control. About 70 percent of hotel bookings are cancelled. There are millions of people depending on hotel industry or tourism. These people will have to face lot of difficulties. Money circulation of the country will go down. This will affect the economy in a negative way.

But there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. We can bounce back. This is not the first time that we faced tragedies. We had two terrorist problem periods earlier. Schools were closed. Universities were closed. Sometimes all the government offices were closed. It was not safe for our children to stay at home at that time. Our tourist industry was destroyed. Then we had the civil war. There were bomb blasts everywhere. So many hotels were attacked. Our economy was put to a very low level. Thousands and thousands of innocent people were killed. Temples were attacked. Our leaders were killed. There was a campaign to tarnish our image in other countries. However with all that we were able to bounce back. We had good leaders who came forward and restored normalcy in the country. We have forgotten all that.

We can bounce back again. We want our leaders to fight back and make things normal as early as possible. To do this all of us should get involved. It is the duty of every citizen. We must do whatever possible to bring our country back to normal. We must support the Security Forces. We must not allow anybody to harm our country. We must guide the politicians in the right direction. If any politician is trying to harm the country, we must get rid of him as early as possible. We must also encourage good politicians. We must not allow government officials to harm our country. We are sure that we can bounce back within a very short time. What is necessary is the courage, patience and positive attitude.

D. Weeratunga


The darkest day of the Sri Lanka Police

This is to bring to the notice of the Inspector General of Sri Lanka Police the pathetic incident which took place on June 11, 1990 at Trikkowille, Kalmune.

At that time OIC Kalmune Police Station was Ivan Boteju. The LTTE was planning to attack the police stations: Kalmune, Kalawanehikudi, Akkarapattu, Samanture and Potuwilla. Having learnt this, OIC Boteju appealed to all higher authorities for help. But failed.

IGP ordered him to surrender, along with other policemen. Six hundred PCs were blindfolded, taken to the jungle and all were shot.

Today, it is the duty of all of us to remember with gratitude and honour those gallant officers who sacrificed their valuable lives for the sake of the motherland. On June 11 we should lay the foundation for a monument with their names engraved in the name of the bravemen of Sri Lanka Police.



H. G. P. Jayasekara

President Ceylon War Veterans

Association of World War II Colombo 1

The so-called IS

The so-called IS is a split personality, the mentally deranged and therefore dangerous gang on the run. It is a wounded, defeated and weak online outfit that imagines it is a high-end terror group. The recent reprehensible and barbaric Sri Lanka church and hotel attacks and other church attacks in Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and Indonesia were selected easy prey for them. Their training is nothing but to carry backpacks and walk into churches. State of the art information technology is not required for such primitive tactics.

These fake super bits of intelligence are not creative or innovative. They have no original ideas. The accidental fire at Notre Dame church in France inspired them. Tragic New Zealand attacks on mosques were carried out by someone very close to their mental condition, thinking and ideology.

Hate is uppermost in the minds of terrorists. Remember the fate of the terrorist leaders such as Osama bin Laden and the genocidal political leaders who fell on after the other in Africa. Only the Syrian leader who killed, maimed and displaced his own citizens has survived. While a few leaders continue to live in palaces, streets are crowded with angry people including professionals in Africa and South America.

Targetting Westerners in Eastern countries reveals their cowardice. All who support radicalized savages are hiding behind laptop screens and imagine themselves to be high tech supermen and women. They should be weeded out by coordinated operations just like the way they carried out their operations! Apply the sharia law to those fanatic martyrs who were guided by that law. “Fanatics are governed rather by imagination than by judgement”.

Sunil J. Peiris

Reopening of schools after terror attacks

There had been confusing announcements being made by politicians, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and most of all the Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjit, who is now hailed as the saviour and hero, that schools should not open on May 13 as announced by the Minister for Education. These responsible persons inclusive of the Archbishop, do not seem to think that by saying so, they have demoralised the efforts of the Tri-forces and the Police which gave a firm promise that all is safe. If parents are made to fear, when can they be made to trust the Forces.

Please have faith in the Forces and encourage them by believing and trusting them for they are doing a trying job to save the entire country at the risk of their own lives.


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