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Warm welcome from Bar for new Chief Justice

CJ Jayasuriya would steer Judiciary in protecting Constitution and people’s rights - BASL President Kalinga Indatissa:
BASL President Kalinga Indatissa
BASL President Kalinga Indatissa

On behalf of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), its President Kalinga Indatissa yesterday warmly welcomed former Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya as the 47th Chief Justice of the country.

Mr. Indatissa appearing on behalf of Bar wished the newly appointed Chief Justice good health, good luck and courage in the discharge of his duties.

The BASL President stated that the Bar has every confidence that newly appointed Chief Justice would protect the very concept of the Rule of Law and that he would steer the Judiciary to make a more vibrant contribution in the protection of our Constitution and the rights of our people.

“We have every confidence that Your Lordship would provide a hearing to every party before Your Lordship and that Your Lordship would deliver justice in accordance with the law and according to Your Lordship’s conscience. We have every confidence that Your Lordship would be impartial, independent and fearless,” the BASL President said.

“The Judiciary is the branch of the State that is expected to administer justice according to Law. The Bar on the other hand, is the other branch which would facilitate the task of administering justice. Both these branches provide a service centred on the concept of Rule of Law. In every civilized legal system, there is nothing more fundamental than a commitment to the Rule of Law. It manifests itself in a strong, expert and fiercely independent legal profession and an expert, fiercely independent and incorruptible judiciary within an accessible civil justice system. Neither the Executive nor any powerful interest, domestic or international would receive special treatment in our Courts,” Mr. Indatissa added.

The BASL President appreciated Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya’s last three decades of service at the Attorney General Department.

“Your Lordship has made a highly significant contribution to the development of criminal law in this country. Two of the celebrated original criminal trials handled by Your Lordship, the Chief Justice are the Wavulkele Abduction and Murder case and the Sadeepa Lakshan case which was conducted before a Trial-at-Bar. The abduction of G.C.Wickramasinghe, which was an extremely sensational trial, was also another instance where the State heavily depended on Your Lordship’s contribution. Your Lordship, the Chief Justice was the lead Counsel for the State in the famous Royal Park murder case, which dealt with several issues relating to analysis of forensic evidence. The manner in which this evidence was placed before the trial Court is a reflection of Your Lordship’s skill and ability as counsel. The Angulana Police Abduction and Murder, where Your Lordship represented the State from the stage of the Trial, until the conclusion of the Appeal before the Supreme Court, is another instance where Your Lordship the Chief Justice displayed excellent counselling skills,” Mr. Indatissa further added.


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