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A prize for Life

The Global Social Leaders (GSL) of the Lyceum International School, Kurunegala realised that the people in the dry zone of Sri Lanka are suffering from kidney and urinary related diseases for years. Majority of the civilians in this area visit the Provincial hospitals monthly for regular medical treatments such as dialysis and oral medicine where dialysis is almost considered impossible due to the its cost effectiveness and only a selected number of patients receive this treatment based on the severity of the condition. The rest of the patients go through a difficult journey in terms of providing medication with limited opportunities at their hand while having their lives at stake.

Their crucial struggle for life opened our eyes and grabbed our attention and this gave us the opportunity to base our project in a meaningful way to serve this selected community in the village of Ipalogama . The GSL team of Lyceum Kurunegala conducted further investigations in this village with this regard and were able to come to a conclusion that the long term consumption of unsafe water resulted to this ill health condition in this particular village.

Hence, they selected the Ipalogama Junior School and the village to provide with safe water for consumption as their “Kidney: Prize for Life” project.

The main aim of the project is to provide safe water to Ipalogama Junior School and the village.


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