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Glittering dragon eggs

From nature-inspired jewelry to “liquid” sculptures, there’s an endless amount of artistic possibilities when it comes to resin art. An Australian artist known as Ben’s Worx uses the organic substance to create mesmerizing “dragon eggs” that look like something from a fantasy film.

Ben starts with dried pieces of burl wood to act as the egg’s base. After sawing and sanding the wood down to size, the clever craftsman paints each piece with washes of different-coloured inks and layers of sparkling glitter. Next, Ben places the wooden pieces into plastic cups and covers them with clear resin. Once cast and dry, he glues his resin art onto wooden blocks, before finally using a lathe to shave and shape each piece into a rounded egg.

Once polished, Ben’s dragon eggs come to life in vibrant colours and mesmerizing glitter that change in the sunlight. Each unique piece looks like a tiny world with alien terrain, complete with multi-coloured mountain ranges, holographic ice caps, and swirling skies. Holding one of Ben’s eggs is like having a secret dimension in the palm of your hands - it’s easy to imagine little dragons flying around inside them.

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