Increase in student turnout at schools | Daily News

Increase in student turnout at schools

The Education Ministry said the student turnout is gradually improving in many schools countrywide and the school education is becoming normal.

The Ministry said covering sessions will not be required for the low student turnout last few days.

When inquired by the Daily News on the student turnout, the Ministry official said the attendance has improved considerably compared to Monday.

Student turnout was low during the last few days even though the Secondary and Primary sections of schools were reopened respectively on Monday, May 6 and Monday, May 13 following the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

The Ministry statistics show that the overall student turnout was around 40 per cent in several zonal education areas today. The student turnout was high in rural areas in comparison to urban areas.

A security plan has been implemented in  every school. School premises and adjacent areas are regularly being checked by Police and Security Force personnel with the assistance of parents, past pupils and academic and non-academic staff.