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Rs.1 bn loss incurred daily due to vehicle congestion

A loss of one billion rupees (Rs. 1,000 million) is incurred daily due to vehicle congestion in the Colombo City, a recent survey has revealed. The annual loss incurred due to vehicle congestion amounts to Rs.397 billion (Rs.39,700 million), Highways, Road Development and Petroleum Resources Minister Kabir Hashim said.

A total of 300,000 vehicles enter and exit Colombo city daily and of them 250,000 are private vehicles. As such, plans have been formulated by the government to minimise vehicle congestion in several major cities in the country, Minister Hashim said. He was addressing a meeting after Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe inaugurated the “Golden roads that connect hearts’ road development project in Ratnapura on May 12.

Minister Hashim said the new road development project covering the whole country is estimated to cost Rs. 17,140 million. It will involve the development of 1,970 kilometres of rural roads and 200 bridges.

They hoped to complete the project by August this year and Rs. 80 million had been allocated by it towards each electorate in the country.

Minister Hashim said this project was in addition to the large scale Highway Development project set in motion in the country.

The Minister said work on 146 kilometres of roads, would be completed this year under the Highways project. The second stage of the Expressway project handled by local engineers under local funding would be completed by the September–October period this year.

The third stage of the Outer Colombo road from Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya too would be completed this year. This would enable motorists to travel straight from Katunayake to Matara on the Expressway.

Minister Hashim said the widening of the Kelaniya bridge had now commenced and work on the Colombo Port road work on the Colombo Port road suspended on pillars would also be started soon, along with the road on pilers from Kelaniya to Athurugiriya via Rajagiriya. “Two flyovers would be built in Colombo and Getambe in Kandy All this would help minimise traffic congestion in the country,” the Minister said.


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