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Catholic schools unlikely to reopen today

Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith had entrusted the decision on whether or not to reopen private Catholic schools today (14) to the principals of the respective schools and the Diocesan Education Director Rev. Fr. Ivan Perera, a communiqué from the Catholic church said yesterday.

Director of the Archdiocesan Social Communication and Cultural Centre Rev. Fr. Edmund Tillakaratne issuing the statement yesterday, said the Archbishop had emphasised the need to take into consideration the educational and other needs of the students as well as making it mandatory to obtain the assistance of the Security Forces.

All schools remained closed after the Easter Sunday suicide bombings, and the Education Ministry had ordered that they should reopen last week.

However, despite low attendance, schools have been functioning without any incident for the second week.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said last week that a tentative decision had been reached to reopen Catholic private schools tomorrow (14). However, he was uncertain of the security situation and said if conditions were still uncertain, a decision would be made to postpone reopening till the Vesak festival is over.

“Catholic schools will reopen on May 14, but we are not sure,” he said. “We want to be absolutely sure of the situation before they reopen. If we are not satisfied, we may reopen schools after the Vesak holiday.”

However, the majority of leading Catholic schools have decided to only hold O/L and A/L classes, while teachers had come up with a distance learning mechanism to assist children of their respective schools to keep them on track with their lessons. 


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