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A good nurse is never perverse

Nurses everywhere play a critical role in their nation’s health care systems. Many of them do provide medical attention as well as comfort and compassion to their patients. There are several in the profession who are considerate and sympathetic. One would imagine that they became nurses in order to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

Everyone agrees that a good many of them are not shown the appreciation they deserve for their ability and sensitivity to connect and empathise with the suffering sick. Every one of us has experienced the care and attention of a nurse at least once in our lifetimes. Often described as an art as well as a science, the nursing profession embraces dedicated men and women who devote themselves to serving their neighbors and the community. They can be found in emergency rooms, schools and homeless shelters. They serve with a passion for the profession and a strong commitment to improving the lives of others.

Many students choose nursing because they care about people and want to help. And over time, nurses come to appreciate the core values acquired as they spend time in the profession and honour their ethical obligations. The commitment to people and families, advocating for others and protecting the health, safety and rights of people, motivates many nurses.

Nurses, particularly in all sectors, should constantly be reminded that they are held to higher standards than people in other professions. They are judged by how their patients and co-workers perceive their nursing skills. People expect them to be not only competent, but also benevolent and caring. Why deplorable nursing behaviour is hardly encountered in private hospitals or clinics is simple. It is the fact that money plays an important role in how you are treated as a patient. That is because these institutions make darn good money and any discourteous behaviour on the part of their nursing personnel would be deemed intolerable. Any incivility or lapses on the part of their nursing staff would cost their businesses a heck of a lot of money.

Admittedly, nurses face many challenges in their daily work, but civility and the practice of good manners should never be given short shrift in the name of efficiency. However, that should never be an excuse to take it out on the patient. Courtesy never goes out of style even if people sometimes forget to practice their manners. Everyone would expect staff in such a noble profession to lead the way. A nurse is much more than just a person whose job is to take care of the ill. A nurse must have a kind disposition, someone who puts the patients needs first and delivers healthcare in a professional and kind way. A nurse has many responsibilities. Obviously the most well known one is just the general care for their patients. Nurses now seem to be stepping out from the doctor’s shadow. Nurses are much more respected these days and are really making a name for themselves as a whole instead of as a team with doctors and other health care workers.

They are given so much more respect and responsibilities these days than they did several years ago. As a medical professional you supply your patients with the treatment of their problem as well as educating them on how to improve their health situations.

Also nurses at the workstation should never ignore people in their presence. The clinical floor is not a kindergarten. It is rude to ignore or refuse to acknowledge worried people when they approach. A polite greeting, a wave of the hand in acknowledgement of their presence, or a simple smile will go a long way to set them at ease. For healthcare workers, the stress caused by incivility is also bad news for patient safety. I reiterate that nursing can be an extremely stressful occupation both physically and emotionally. No small wonder then that anybody going into the profession for the wrong reasons will end up being a grouch. One of the most important aspects of nursing is good bedside manner. Nurses are supposed to provide what is called holistic patient care, which in essence means also supporting patients emotionally. But what actually is a bedside manner? It is the expression used to describe the deportment and disposition of medical professionals as in the manner they treat their patients. More often than not the term is used in a constructive way only. Customarily when a nurse or doctor is labelled as one with a bedside manner it means he or she is a good communicator. While one without a bedside manner may cause offence by being overly abrupt with patients. The term can also be described as good or bad. Opinions differ on whether bedside manner can be taught. Some think it can be taught, to an extent. But again they surmise it does depend quite a bit on the raw material. Certainly, some skills can be taught, others are born with those admirable attributes that go to make up a great bedside manner.

Their services are being sought by people who are laid up, or worried sick about someone who is ill. It takes a special kind of training to put them at ease. Patients are looking for help and they are looking for personnel who understand the physical and emotional stress of their medical condition. Most of all they are looking for some understanding and concern on the part of the healers and carers.

All medical personnel should really have the ability and sensitivity to connect and empathise with patients. That is part of the healing process that is today not given sufficient priority. Even if they are hard pressed and do not have time for a friendly chit-chat they can express kindness and concern in so many other ways. They can touch a child’s hand, offer a benign smile, make eye contact or acknowledge their emotions in 30 seconds.

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers anyone could have, as nurses make a true impact on the lives of individuals, communities and society. Basically speaking, all it takes to put a patient at ease is a little compound of kindness thought and care. The most efficacious remedy to combat chronic pain and suffering is altruism and compassion. That would be the first therapeutic booster to cure any illness.

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