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Maintain relations with all, win back trust - Brigadier Izzadeen

Brigadier Izzadeen and other Army officers at the briefing. (Picture by Army Media)
Brigadier Izzadeen and other Army officers at the briefing. (Picture by Army Media)

A team of senior Muslim Officers on the instructions of the Army Commander met members of the Dehiwala Grand Jumma Masjid yesterday.

They highlighted the importance to continue maintaining the historic brotherly relations with all other communities without falling prey to groups of extremists who had been misguided. Around 750 Muslims in the area had also attended the event.

Leading the group of Army Muslim officers, Brigadier M.A.Azad Izzadeen, Director Rehabilitation of the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation, briefed the attendees on the importance of maintaining cordial ties between the Muslims and other ethnic groups in the country.

"Violent actions of an extremist Islamic group has tarnished the image of the Muslim community and action should be taken to re-establish trust in the Muslim community by further strengthening sound bonds of goodwill and understanding with other communities as in the past for generations. Steps should be taken by all Muslims to prevent their young ones being lured into this vicious cycle of violence. Islam is a religion of peace and not violence.Those actions of a handful of Muslims has caused embarrassment and tarnished the image of peace-loving Muslims who had lived in this country for thousands of years," Brig. Izzadeen said.

He told the gathering that as a Muslim military officer, it was the Sinhalese soldiers who had protected him during the war. “We fought a war against the LTTE terrorists for three decades. As a Muslim myself, I am dismayed that such a terrible attack has been unleashed on the country by a fellow Muslim. We lived in harmony in this country for over 1000 years and because of the actions of a few on April 21, the Muslims lost that respect and trust.

I went to Kattankudy and met with the people in the area who knew Zahran the suicide bomber and the people told me that he was always like that from his childhood.We need to rebuild that trust people had in us and unite to ensure that such a terrible tragedy never occurs ever again.”

The people in the area who attended this programme told him that because of this incident the Muslims are targeted.

However, Brig. Izzadeen said the Muslims now have the task of winning back the lost trust. “That trust should be decided by our hearts and not our clothing,” he said.

He urged the Muslim community to cooperate with the security forces and comply with the regulations to ensure normalcy in the country. 

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