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Garbage pollutes Dambuluoya

Garbage being released by paddy mills, farms and worksites on either sides of the Dambuluoya fed by Mahaweli water pollutes it extensively, residents complain.

It is the main feeder of Dambulla, Ibbankatuwa Mahaweli reservoir.

Dambuluoya flows for over 10 miles from the Lenadora tunnel of the Bowatenna Mahaweli reservoir.

The polluted water flows to the Ibbankatuwa reservoir to Kalawewa and Balaluwewa. Then the water flows to Anuradhapura Tissa Wewa. Thousands of families living on either side of this waterway drink the contaminated water.

The garbage deposits on the tank bed and reduces the water capacity gradually. Before long, farmers will not get enough water for cultivation. Authorities, however, have not taken any action to rectify the situation so far. Environmentalists and farmer organisations in the area, therefore, request the government to take action against those responsible for dumping garbage into the waterway. 

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