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Sri Lanka improves in GDELT index ranking

The Global Database of Events, Language and Tone (GDELT) global material conflict index showed that Sri Lanka was the second most improved nation-state.

The index aggregates news reports to gauge movements in national sentiment. Sri Lanka moved from being the fifth in coverage volume to the nineteenth. On April 22 Sri Lanka had the largest negative change in coverage, having a score greater than all other nations moving negatively combined and placed second in the coverage volume.

To better approximate the most ‘important’ developments of each day, this report is based on the aggregate volume of global news articles reporting material conflict events in each country, rather than on the raw number of unique events.

The report reflects major trends in global material conflict over the last 48 hours compared with the preceding 48 hours as reported by the GDELT event database.

The top 10 countries exhibiting the greatest increase in material conflict in the last 48 hours compared with the previous 48 hours are examined in more detail in individual country detail briefings within the report.

They can be accessed on the GDELT project website. The index uses data and technical support from Google.

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