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Ready to face any investigations - Rishad

Industry, Commerce, Resettlement of Protracted Displaced Persons, Cooperative Development, Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said he was ready to face an investigation into baseless allegations made aginst him.

In a special statement, Minister Bathiudeen clarifying numerous allegations levelled against him, stressed that they were baseless and it was an attempt to frame him.

“Many allegations were made stating that I went away from Sri Lanka for a period of time when in fact I was on official duty. Once I returned from Oman, they stopped the allegations but began to trade insults and try to frame me as being supportive of the terrorists,” he said in a length statement.

“Another accusation against me is a house belonging to my sister was rented out to terrorists. My sister and her husband have been living in Canada for the last five years. Her husband’s house was given to a caretaker. This caretaker advertised it on a website to rent it out after the previous tenants vacated the house in February.The house was then rented out for a year. I had no personal knowledge of any of these developments,” he says requesting those making the allegations to ponder weather its even valid to make a connection to him.

He added that the allegation that Ibrahim, father of bombers, had business dealings with his brother too is fabricated and unfounded. “Ibrahim and the Colombo Trader’s Association of which he was Chairman met me and my officials with CTA members to discuss their issues. My brother has no business dealings with Ibrahim’s businesses.”

He also referred to another allegation which cited that his ministry released raw materials to terrorists. “Since 2005, through a newspaper advertisement IDB registers companies seeking for raw material.

There are 300 such companies registered by this year.

The raw material are issued upon the completion of proper tender procedures in keeping with the legalities.” He said. “Even though individuals asked us to give preferences to their Wellampitiya factory, we did not extend such preferences. We have appointed an independent committee headed by the Ministry Secretary.

The report has been handed over to President and the Prime Minister. If there is any violation, then action will be taken based on this report.” .


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