Ten containers of swords imported to country from 2010 to date - Marikkar | Daily News

Ten containers of swords imported to country from 2010 to date - Marikkar

From 2010 to date, 10 containers of swords had been imported to the country and people were in possession of these swords. However, as several swords have been found in mosques, there is a wrong notion being spread among society that the Muslim mosques are storing swords, said UNP-MP S.M. Marikkar in Parliament yesterday.

Joining the debate on the security situation in the country he said prior to the drug offenders being punished, these terrorists should be given the death sentence.

“Because of a handful of terrorists who claim to represent Islam, the entire Muslim community has been tarnished. According to the Islam religion, I know one cannot go to heaven by killing people.

We have lived amicably with all religious denominations, but because of these extremists, that unity has been damaged.

“Therefore, what the Muslims should do to win back the trust is to provide all the information they know regarding such extremists to the Security Forces,” he added.

“The All Ceylon Jamaithul Ulema had informed the authorities about these extremists groups on several occasions,” he said.

“However, it is futile to keep blaming each other at this point and what needs to be done is to unite and carry out the social restructuring to find solutions.”

He said that the Muslims were supportive of carrying out social restructuring and would support in establishing peace and unity.



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