Operations functioning smoothly:

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) yesterday announced new arrangements to facilitate the entry of vehicles to the respective gates of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for drop off and pick up passengers. This is to minimize the distance that passengers have to walk with their baggage.

The airport taxi service will also commence at the arrivals terminal exit. Any passenger wishing to avail of such will be able to book at the terminal and board it just outside.

Any passengers arriving at the airport can also consult any airport or Air Force official for further information, a SLAF statement said yesterday.

The SLAF introduced new arrangements after it was made aware that passengers arriving at and departing from the BIA had to undergo considerable inconvenience because of the enhanced security checks implemented from April 21, 2019.

Passengers arriving on flights and passengers arriving for flights had to walk a considerable distance after disembarking from their vehicles or before boarding their vehicles due to the fact that the SLAF was compelled to prohibit entrance of vehicular traffic to the airport entrances.

Meanwhile, Airport and Aviation Services Sri Lanka (AASL) Chairman Dhammika Ranatunga said yesterday that operations at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) were functioning smoothly.

He said the heightened security measures and proper traffic management and control plan has been a success as many travellers had adhered to the instructions given to them.

He said no flights have been delayed or cancelled as all security agencies and airport staff performed their tasks diligently and efficiently resulting smooth functioning and catering to all airport users amidst this difficult situation.

“BIA operations are progressing well and being managed efficiently and effectively. Security has been beefed up and the traffic plan being implemented is a big success,” he added.

“We requested all passengers to report to the airport at least four hours prior to departure to avoid any delays due to the additional security measures and refrain from accompanying visitors to the airport. All these requests have been adhered to by the passengers which has helped all operations from security to ground handling to everything else,” he pointed out.

“We had a great task of strengthing security at the airport in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks,” Ranatunga said on inproving facilities for passengers to minimise the inconvenience faced by them. Accordingly, a free shuttle service is available between the car park and the arrivals outer porch. He further said that airport service assistants have been deployed at the entrance and exit points to help passengers while notices have been displayed for their convenience.

In addition, the airport taxi service will also commence at the arrivals terminal exit. Passengers wishing to avail themselves of such a service will be able to make the booking at the terminal and board it just outside,” he further said.

Meanwhile, new arrangements have been made to facilitate passengers arriving and departing the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA).Passengers have been complaining about the lack of adequated shuttle services to exit and enter the airport.There were anxious travellers who had travelled after a long flight having to wait in a queue for the shuttle service which does not operate on time.



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