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At a time when morale is down and spirits are low as a result of the recent tragedies in our beautiful island home, one thing that is guaranteed to make you feel instantly better and renew your faith in human nature is a pet. Be it a dog, cat, bird, guinea pig or any other living creature [ I have even had a Pole cat as a pet, who was given a shower every Sunday ], the unconditional love that a pet gives you will definitely chase away even the darkest of clouds and make you feel that yes indeed there is a rainbow somewhere around.

Puppies and kittens are the obvious choice while for flat dwellers, birds and guinea pigs are also suitable and are extremely affectionate.

However there’s nothing like an uproarious bark or an affectionate meow to welcome you when you return home, be it after a hard day’s work, a late night, or a mere 5 minutes away from home. To your pet you are everything. You are their entire world, their universe and irrespective of whether they haven’t seen you for 5 minutes or the entire day, their welcome is rapturous and their love unconditional.

If you decide to take in a puppy or a kitten, remember that there really is not much difference in looking after them or a baby; because actually they are babies. They need to be petted and hugged and fed frequently. They need to be toilet trained, kept warm, and always within sight of their human parents. Vaccinations and worming are of paramount importance. Parvo and Rabies being the first to be given followed by DHL . For kittens the Rabies and Tricat are important, while regular worming is essential.

Kittens even when they grow up to become cats are always hungry and always looking for food, unlike dogs who once grown up if fed twice a day are quite happy with maybe a biscuit or to during the day.

For puppies and dogs weekly baths are a must and daily checking for fleas and ticks especially during the hot season. Cats and kittens too could be subject to the occasional flea and this should be monitored and kept in check.

Annual vaccinations, good food and weekly baths will ensure that your pet is more or less always healthy. Particularly if your pet is a Sri Lankan hound or cat. Pedigrees I must say are notoriously difficult and expensive to maintain and one must be prepared for this if you do decide to have a pedigree, whereas our Sri Lankan specialities are extremely easy to look after and only require their vaccinations, weekly baths and good food, not forgetting unlimited love and affection.

One golden rule to bear in mind when getting a pet, they are family. Not something to be relegated to a kennel and let out at some stage during the day or night. They are an integral part of the family unit and in return will be your lifelong companion and friend.


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