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Union warns of protests if Batticaloa Campus not taken over

The Batticaloa Campus of Sri Lanka should be taken over by the government, media spokesman of the Medical Students’ Parents’ Union Wasantha Alwis said, adding that failure to do so, would results in a countrywide protest campaign.

Speaking to the media in Colombo yesterday, he said SAITM was also under the University Grants Commission, but the entire country knows all that happened to that institution.

A similar situation should not be created in Sri Lanka again. There is a Sharia Faculty and a Medical Faculty in the Batticaloa Campus.

“The country needs Sri Lankan doctors and not Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu doctors. The state medical faculties were kept open during the 30-year war, but now they are closed. We invite the Eastern Province Governor to a live television debate on the Batticaloa Campus,” Alwis said.

“Without trying to gain the one million Muslim votes, all politicians should put the country first and establish one law for all ethnic groups.”

“There should not be different laws for different ethnic groups. Power-hungry politicians should not be allowed to destroy the country for their personal political benefit. The culprits should be punished and justice should be done. If not, all Sri Lankans will take to the streets with Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith,” he said.


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