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DNA test on Shangri-La bomber ordered

The Colombo Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake ordered the Batticaloa Prison Authority to bring the sister of the Thawheed Jamaath Leader Zahran Mohammed Hashim to the Colombo Judicial Specialist Medical Officer to verify the DNA test to determine the identity of the Suicide bomber, who carried out the bomb blast at Shangri-la Hotel.
CID also stated that they had revealed the suicide bombing took place at Shangri-la Hotel was carried out by Zahran Mohommad  Hashim and Mohommad Ibrahim Ilham Ahamed. CID stated that the sister of Zahran Hahsim, Mohommed Kaseem Madaniya is currently detained in Batticaloa prison.
The Magistrate also ordered the Batticaloa prison authority to bring the lady to Colombo Judicial Specialist Medical officer before May 15.
The father and two brothers of the Mahammed Ibrahim Ilham Ahamed, who were currently detained under the custody of CID, were ordered to take them before the Colombo Judicial Medical officer for a DNA test by the Magistrate.
The Magistrate also ordered the CID to verify the bombers identities through DNA from the remained head parts of those bombers which had been found from that place.


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Usually if deceased person's father is around his DNA would be the best match for the DNA of the deceased. DNA of the female child may not provide conclusive results. How about looking for a comb used by the deceased. A hair sample may help.

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