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Nimo and Company introduces theft deterrent portable safes

Nimo & Company (Pvt) Ltd has introduced a range of AquaVault and FlexSafe portable safe options in Sri Lanka. Nimo Company holds a history of over 35 years for high standards of quality, exceptional customer service, sustainability and trustworthy products and the company is also the authorized agent for Chubb safes and Merryfair and Hansteel Fabrico office furniture, which holds a relationship of over 20 years with these prestigious brands.

The company said in a press release, “The unique designs are combined with the latest technology to fit lounge chairs, umbrellas, carts, rods and many other surfaces. The safes are packed with some amazing features like a zipper-reinforced pouch protected by a three-combination lock and magnetic locking flap, mesh pockets, belt loop and hooks for easy transport. The water-resistant material compresses to the size of a softball for easy packing and portability, making them convenient to carry and store away.

The Aqua Vault and FlexSafe makes it easier for you to travel without fear. Just pack all your valuables, zip up and secure the safe over a bar wherever you go. Whether you’re taking a swim or a casual stroll,hard at work in office or teeing off at the golf course, there’s no need of leaving someone behind to watch your things or looking over your shoulder anymore.

Voila! You can avoid unnecessary anxiety wherever you travelbecause these portable safes act as deterrents to keep your things safe and sound. Sounds wonderful, don’t you agree?

AquaVault has also tied up with hotels worldwide, endorsing its effectiveness and quality for safety.Hilton, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt are some of the esteemed hotels who have stamped their seal of approval for AquaVault portable safes.


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