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Mc Currie founder comments on fake news

Nalin Pathikirikorale
Nalin Pathikirikorale

Following a viral WhatsApp message and social media campaign, the owner of Mc Currie Spices Chairman Nalin Pathikirikorale released a statement on the company website.

The statement dated 2 May notes: ‘I strongly condemn these Ester Sunday attacks and my deepest sympathies go out to the grieving families of those lost in the blasts.”

“I now gather that false news is circulating on social media that Mc Currie, a brand owned by my company Lanka Spice, was directly or indirectly involved in the Easter Sunday attacks. I am categorically stating that these statements are false.”

“This is a fabricated story intended to harm our company by some unknown party with a sinister agenda. Mc Currie is and always has been owned by me, which you can verify from our website. The father of two suicide bombers is alleged to be one Mohammad Yusuf Ibrahim who owns Ishana Spices. Both Yusuf Ibrahim and Ishana Spices have no relation whatsoever to Mc Currie.’ (DP)


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