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Politicians ruined the country - Colombo Bishop

‘All Muslims not responsible for crimes of a few’:

Bishop Dhiloraj Canagasabey, on Tuesday, told the public not to demonise the entire Muslim community because of the crimes of a few.

“Muslims have lived among us for hundreds of years and therefore, I appeal to the authorities, politicians, as well as the media and public, to not demonise the Muslim community for the sins of a few delusional individuals. Muslims should be treated with respect and understanding,” the Bishop said.

He requested politicians to put aside their greed, as well as personal and political agendas, in order to rebuild the nation.

Bishop Canagasabey said, “The politicians in this country have been short-sighted and selfish for too long. They should rise above their greed and put the people of the country before their own interests to prevent the country from falling into darkness.”

He said that the Easter tragedy should not be used as a means to gain votes in the upcoming elections. Instead, everyone should focus on standing united and rebuilding the country.

“The Afghan and Pakistani refugees here have fled violence in their countries. Sri Lanka is known to open its doors to those in need, giving temporary shelter to those who are under the care of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),” the Bishop added.

“Following the Easter attacks, these refugees, housed in private residences in and around Negombo, were forced to leave due to rising tensions. The church attempted to intervene but their efforts were thwarted by protestors. We appeal to the government to consider other shelter options, such as the former Manik Farm,” Bishop Canagasabey said.

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