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Kandy schools’ past pupils work for ensuring security

The ‘Voice of Kandy’, a collective of past pupil associations in Kandy schools, said it will strive to further enhance security in Kandy schools, to ensure student attendance returns to normal.

Speaking at a media conference at Devon Rest, Kandy, its President Sumith Dayananda said parents’ lack of confidence about security has led to poor student attendance in Kandy schools as in other areas. Although continued closure of schools could not be condoned, they had no right to question the fears entertained by the parents.

He said there was a drastic drop in attendance in Kandy schools on the day the second school term commenced (Monday). Total attendance on this day was between 3,000 to 7,000.

Even certain high-ranking government officials had not sent their children to school on this day. As this would further disrupt community life, the government should make every effort to build confidence in people’s minds about the country’s return to normalcy.

He said the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination as well as many school sports events were due to be held this term and they may have to be postponed unless schools functioned as before with proper attendance.


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