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Patali calls for a single Vesak kalapaya

Instead of individual Vesak zones, let us transform the country into a single Vesak zone by putting up decorations in every house and building in the country this Vesak season, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said in a post in his official Facebook page.

“Every person including the Security Forces and the Mahanayake Theras has paid attention to the inadvisability of putting up pandals, conducting dansalas and engaging in other forms of amisa pooja with large congregations of people, due to the prevailing security situation.”

“As such, we should celebrate the birth, enlightenment and parinibbana of the Buddha on Vesak Poya with the accent on pratipatti pooja transforming the whole country into a Vesak zone by transferring merit on those who have departed and putting up Vesak decorations in every home and building,” the post said.


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