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Pet project

An adorable one-year-old has become best friends with her three pet guinea pigs after learning how to care for them herself.

Livia Oliekan, from Ultrecht, Netherlands, loves nothing more than spending time with her four-legged friends, Tito, Buff and Wally.

The trio of guinea pigs live in the city of ‘Pigopolis’ – also known as their hutch inside the house. But despite only being one-years-old, Livia has quickly learnt how to care for her guinea pigs much to the amusement of her parents, Ted, 36, and Chantal, 34.

Ted, an IT consultancy manager, said: “I’ve always had guinea pigs for as long as I can remember – it was pure luck that Livia ended up loving them as much as we do.

“We first introduced Livia to them by putting Tito, Buff and Wally next to her and showing her how to correctly pet them.

“From then, the four of them have become inseparable; Livia’s favourite thing to do is run around the garden with them.”

As seen in the extremely cute videos captured by Livia’s parents, she can be seen feeding her furry siblings their favourite foods such as lettuce and carrots as well as helping the trio down their specially adapted ramp.

Ted added, “Livia is forever following around the garden – she even seems to speak her own language to them! They’ve definitely become the best of friends. It’s adorable to watch Livia with them, she’s so gentle while caring for them. We initially set up the account for the guinea pigs, but when Livia was born, she was an instant hit with our followers!” Story Trender

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