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Hogging the limelight!

These photographs show inside a 29-room museum dedicated solely to pigs – which used to be a slaughterhouse.

The three-floor Schweine Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, was opened on May 1, 2010, in the same venue that was formerly known as the Stuttgart slaughterhouse. The 800 square metre museum includes over 50,000 exhibits from all over the world, and has 29 rooms dedicated to different ‘themes’ of pigs – including piggy banks and lucky pigs.

The exhibition also hosts pig memorabilia in every material imaginable – from gold, plush, wood, ceramics or cork, in the form of cups, paintings, letterboxes and ties.

However, despite the museum celebrating the great beast, they also boast of an extensive food menu in their on-site restaurant, Stuttgarter Schlacthof, which serves delicacies such as grilled succulent pork and crisp knuckle of pork.

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