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Keeping head on target

Nothing is impossible for Head Boy Leeds International School, Galle, Ramindu Liyanage. Perfect Prefects features Liyanage whose secret to success is a combination of organization and optimism.

Liyanage is a young leader with a systematic approach to life and work. He does not recognize the word ‘impossible’ and believes that all things are possible if one maintains a positive attitude and keeps to a certain routine. Added to this Liyanage has people he can rely on.

Major secret

“First I must thank my parents for what I am today. Next, my school has helped me mould myself. There are some tips I have used in order to reach my destination. I have forgotten the word ‘impossible’. Routinizing my work is my major secret. Working according to a timetable has helped me to reach the place where I am today. Also, the ability to be optimistic has helped me to succeed in all the tasks I have performed. We can’t reach our targets at once, therefore we should do it step by step and always evaluate the progress of our work. I also appreciate the work of my prefects when they perform well,” said Liyanage

The welfare of others is close to his heart. Society and youth are his main areas of concern. Drugs, as we know, is the ruination of peoples’ lives. It takes away your youth and future. It slowly erodes your existence – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. It affects not only you but your loved ones, shattering relationships. It also leads to underworld activity. “I would like to see the eradication of drug addiction and the eradication of drug dealing and trafficking in societies throughout the world. Because now drugs have become a major issue that destroys all the young lives,” explained Liyanage.

With his systematic approach to life and optimism, it is only a matter of time until he enters University. He says that currently he is studying biology for his A/Ls and he is sitting for the Edexcel IAL examinations this year. After his A/Ls he wishes to pursue medicine.

Mental equilibrium

Travel is one activity that gives him satisfaction and enjoyment. Truly the outdoors allows us to be a well- rounded person. For Liyanage, it is something that creates a balance within a person and something that has great health benefits – physical and mental.

“I like travelling a lot. It provides us with knowledge and also it helps to maintain a mental equilibrium that many people lack nowadays with their busy lifestyles,” added Liyanage.

“I would like to say to all my sisters and brothers - never fear challenges because it’s a part of our life. The power to face the challenges is within us and we just need to be able to embrace it. Also, most people have this misconception that he/she will be respected as a leader when having power. Yes, you have the power, but you should do the right thing. Then you will receive respect. Never forget to respect others. If you want to be respected you need to respect others. So I say to everyone who wants to be a leader - do the right thing and not conform to the general opinion,” said Liyanage.

As mentioned above ‘Impossible’ is not a word in his vocabulary. Which is why Barack Obama is a leader he admires. Obama’s courage and self- belief appeals to young Liyanage. Obama is a fitting example that if you have a dream, you can achieve it regardless of the odds against you. No matter how big your dream is you can achieve it if you have determination.

“I admire Barack Obama. Even though he was President of the USA, he was such a humble man and so genial. At the same time, he spoke his mind when he had to. When he was running for election, people said that it would not be possible for a black man to become the President of the USA. But he proved them all wrong,” pointed out Liyanage.

Horror genre

Otherworldly movies are a certain genre that is quite popular in the world among many people. Having watched and read the horror genre, he is quite accustomed to its unpredictable events.

“I like to watch horror films and read about them. It’s quite interesting because when you watch a few films you won’t have that fear that you had when you watched the first film,” said Liyanage

Liyanage is a firm believer that you reap what you sow. What you do, will come back to you says Liyanage. A Buddhist himself, he has faith in the teachings of Lord Buddha and regards Karma as eternal law. He also stated that to change the society we live in, we need to start with ourselves. Too often in society, we forget that we should be an example if we wish to see change. This too has been preached not only in Buddhism but in other religious doctrines. Some of us say one thing but practice the very opposite. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

When it comes to inspiration there are two people who he looks up to. The first is his elder brother Umindu Liyanage and the other is the former Head Prefect of Leeds Galle Tathira Samahith. Both are extremely affable and also very efficient.

Participation is important as winning. His school is his second home and it has given him so many opportunities to discover his strengths. And he is grateful to his parents for selecting Leeds International School Galle as his school. 

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