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Legal framework to create Sri Lankan identity vital - Dayasiri

SLFP General Secretary MP Dayasiri Jayasekara said a legal framework to enable all Sri Lankans to live in Sri Lanka as members of a single nation is a dire necessity today.

Lack of a proper legal framework to create a Sri Lankan identity enabling all Sri Lankans to stay united is the cause for the prevailing crisis.

“The new law should be created preserving cultural and religious identity of all communities living in Sri Lanka.The main reason for all the negative consequences experienced by the country and its people today are as a result of the failure of law enforcement,” he added.

Addressing a media briefing held at SLFP headquarters yesterday, he said now is the time to rectify our shortcomings allowing the future generation to enjoy a peaceful country which is free of extremist and terrorist incidents.

Building mosques in every nook and corner of Sri Lanka without taking into account the social, communal and environmental implications of such buildings and giving permission for constructions were one of the main reasons that helped strengthen extremism.

Setting up of separate Ministries based on religions had worsened the crisis situation and all affairs belonging to all religions should come under the purview of a single Ministry.

“There should be legal restrictions on the formation of political parties on the basis of ethnic, cultural, religious affiliations. It is evident that politicians of these political parties had cultivated violent extremism ideas to win Muslim votes.We propose the government to appoint a Parliamentary Select Committee and take action to eliminate extremism from the country by obtaining our suggestions,” he added.

There are people with extremist ideas in Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu religions. But they have never become terrorists or suicide bombers at any occasion,” he added.

There must be strict monitoring of Madrasas. A comprehensive monitoring system is vital to control the mushrooming of Madrasas and grouping of extremists.The Education Ministry should take them over and monitor the process.Sinhala and History subjects should be made compulsory in these places,’ he stressed.

He appreciated the Armed forces, the STF and the Police for their commendable service and added not a single bomb explosion or terrorist act took place after Easter Sunday.

The law enforcement authorities have uncovered tons of explosives, arms, and ammunition from all over the country. The Security forces has to continue their search operations further to protect the people even during the Ramadan period. This is basically for the safety of the people and not to cause inconvenience to Muslims during Ramadan,” he added.



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