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A few extremists cannot destroy peace and harmony – President

President Maithripala Sirisena emphasized that the faith of the people of a whole nation cannot be put at stake due to terrorist acts of a few extremists.

The President said that it is the responsibility of everybody to view the actions taken by the Security Forces to destroy the wretched terrorism with understanding and trust as these are aimed at ending the period in which people look at each other with suspicion and fear.

President Maithripala Sirisena made these remarks at a meeting held with Islamic Civil Society leaders at the Official residence of the President on Monday. The Islamic Civil Society leaders stressed that the Islamic community in no way accepts such barbaric acts and that Muslims live in harmony and cooperation with other religious communities.

“Due to the April 21 attacks, the public views the Islamic community with suspicion which puts them in a very embarrassing state,” the leaders explained to the President. They also made representations to the President on ways of strengthening peace and reconciliation between all ethnic groups.

Thus they extended their fullest cooperation to the Security Forces’ operations to eliminate terrorism and expressed their strong support to help defeat the rise of extremism. They added that in order to eradicate certain religious myths that prevail among certain Islamic devotees, the true picture should be propagated to them to become more realistic and programmes regarding this have already commenced.

The Islamic Civil community was grateful to the President for taking important steps at this juncture to strengthen peace and harmony in the country and also praised the reconciliation programme carried on by President Sirisena since 2015.


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