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Living a full life with Oticon Opns

Carsten Ahlbom - Senior International Trainer, Oticon
Carsten Ahlbom - Senior International Trainer, Oticon

At the launch of Oticon’sOpn S and Opn Play hearing devices in the Sri Lankan market, Carsten Ahlbom, Senior International Trainer at Oticon, said, “We perceive immense scope for Oticon’s expertise in Sri Lanka, judging by the speed at which Oticon hearing devices have been adopted in the local market. The new device - Opn S - builds on what OticonOpn introduced in 2016. Oticon’s sound engineers have enhanced small details as per requests from customers such that the new version offers more memory and a new chip with an enhanced capacity for speech handling. It is mind-boggling to imagine that more than 64 million amplifying elements have been inserted in the tiny chip.”

The key improvement in the new Opn S device is that the whistling sound common in other hearing aids has been eliminated. Three years ago, Opn offered 30% better speech understanding, 20% less listening effort and 20% better memory recall, but now, Opn S enhances this even further by increasing speech understanding by a further 15% and 10% less listening effort, which provides a much better experience for users as opposed to some devices that reduce amplification to eliminate background noise, which tends to hamper speech understanding adversely.

The salient technology in the device is the Open Sound Navigator which allows users to hear voices from a 360-degree perspective while simultaneously suppressing background noise for better hearing. Oticon’s audiology experts have optimized the performance of the hearing aid platform, he adds.

At 70 years of age, Ahlbom is perhaps the best advertisement for OticonOpn. “I have been wearing Opn for a while now and it empowers me to enjoy a fulfilling professional and personal life and even when I travel abroad. It has made a tremendous contribution to my quality of life,” he notes.

“When you lose vision you lose contact with things but when you lose hearing you lose contact with people, which is what makes having the right hearing aid of utmost importance,” he emphasizes.

Ahlbom explains that many adults start losing hearing from about 55 years of age. Hearing impairment could come on slowly and as a result, one gets used to hearing less gradually. But today, OticonOpn S gives you a chance to participate more meaningfully in every aspect of your life. Oticon products are being used by people in 180 countries.

OticonOpn Play, specially devised for children, helps to take speech understanding to an even higher level, making it easier for children to learn and engage in their surroundings. It is a breakthrough in pediatric hearing care as it allows children to thrive in complex listening environments with multiple speakers.

OticonOpn Play connects seamlessly with smartphones and tablets and is a Made for iPhone hearing aid. With the optional ConnectClip, it turns into a high-quality headset, giving access to wireless streaming for music, movies, phone calls and more from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to ensure that the user does not miss out on any of life’s experiences. This device is also ideal in challenging environments as it enhances communication with friends or parents where distance or noise are involved, for example, in the classroom, at the playground and when the child is being walked in a stroller.

Ahlbom reassures prospective users by saying it is a simple gadget to use once the audiologist has fitted it on and counselled them on its use. In Sri Lanka, OpnS and Opn Play will be available through Vision Care Hearing Solutions, a part of Vision Care, the leading eye care brand in Sri Lanka.

“I believe Vision Care has a strong knowledge base of audiologists and technologists who are able to optimize solutions for the hearing impaired. When we scout for new corporation partners, we prefer partners with a long-term view. We have to extend lifetime support to our customers for the lifetime of the device. We want to deliver the best possible quality of life because hearing equals quality of life. Going ahead, we would like to collaborate in the field of cochlear implants in Sri Lanka, but that is a long-term journey and we are steadily working towards it,” concludes Ahlbom.


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