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We can re-emerge!

I agree that our country is now facing a serious crisis. The threat is from ISIS. Can we handle it?

Yes provided we act as one source of power. Unfortunately this is not possible. We have two centres of power- the President and the Prime Minister. Such a system is not workable. I don’t know who created these two sources of power. In the Constitution the President is all powerful but he cannot use his power unless he gets majority support in Parliament. But the MPs don’t derive their power from the President but from the Prime Minister. This dual system of power is not workable unless the President and the Prime Minister act together. Can they?

Theoretically yes but practically no. India doesn’t still have mass awakening of their power and still follow their traditional leaders drawn from the landed gentry. But SWRD changed that situation in Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is the most capable politician we have.

He fights shy of the electorate. The electorate consists of dumb guys who appreciate only other dumb guys like themselves and not men like Ranil. The British knew this but deliberately created this dual system so that we will collapse on our own. In fact such a view was expressed by the then Governor of Hong Kong who was asked by someone why the British decided to devolve power.

He is supposed to have said that it is to allow them to cook their own goose. But India avoided it because the landed gentry continued in power. But SWRD changed it in Sri Lanka.

Can we emerge from this crisis? Yes, if the educated fraternity take a greater interest and take charge. But our hoi polloi don’t like the educated fraternity. Wise men, it is said, learn from the actions of others, the ordinary only from themselves and fools never learn at all. Also, little learning they say is dangerous. We gave our people what passes for learning. But it is little learning and not real education. Are our people ordinary men or fools? You decide? If we are ordinary men who learn from their own experience we may still have a chance. But if not, then we are finished.

RMB Senanayake


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