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Bridesmaid dresses for your dog

Bringing dogs in weddings is nothing new, because newlyweds want to have their loved pups to be with them in such memorable moment.

But there's always a little bit of extra to make the big day even more 'paw-some' - a custom-made bridesmaid dress for the four-legged friends.

The Posh Paw Company launched a handmade dress on online craft shopping site Etsy, with different sizes according to the dog sizes. The 'Doggy Bridesmaid Dress' is created with detailed collar and a fully lined bodice covering the whole body and the tail.

Pet lovers can customise to one of 12 shades make it more suited to the little ones. The gown features puffy sleeves, a voluminous skirt and a bow tie at the waist. The bow on the back acts as a final touch to the dress with elegance.

Pet owners can also buy a matching satin hair slide or headband bow to wear on the bridal party. Mirror


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