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Astrologer predicts Kohli-led India won’t win World Cup

Few weeks ahead of the World Cup, an unique prediction has come from Greenstone Lobo, an astrologer based in Mumba, who feels India will not win the coveted

“Team India won’t win the World Cup this year,” said Lobo as quoted by before he mentioned the name of the player which stood as the reason behind India’s predicted fate.

“Virat Kohli’s time of birth ought to have been 1986 or 1987 and not 1988 to include in the top rundown,” Lobo said. “I called Virat’s youth coach, Rajkumar Sharma, and clarified my stress that India probably won’t win the World Cup in 2019 if Virat was in reality conceived in 1988. I trusted frantically that I would get 1986 or 1987 as the genuine year of the Indian skipper’s introduction to the world. He (Virat’s coach) stayed quiet for a minute prior to murmuring a yes.”

“In this way, are you saying that we should change the skipper to win the World Cup?” was the answer of the coach.

Lobo then explained that Kohli’s year of birth was not the only reason. He reckons that India would have had the chance at their third trophy if MS Dhoni was not part of the team. Explaining his point of view, he said: “Dhoni’s quality in the 2019 Indian squad could well victimize India’s another incredible opportunity”.


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