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Speaker commends Security Forces and Police

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya issuing a special statement yesterday requested the general public to have full confidence on the security provided by the country’s Armed Forces and to go about their daily activities as usual.

Referring to the low attendance rate of school students recorded yesterday, Speaker Jayasuriya stated that having confidence in the country’s Armed Forces is imperative for the economy and the students’ education.

Speaker Jayasuriya also highlighted the importance of having direct and responsible communication and awareness done by the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and other prominent officials in the defense forces, so that the public would not be misled by false information and rumours.

Speaker Jayasuriya has pointed out that, according to expert’s views, bringing the Police Department under its subject Ministry that it traditionally falls under, would make it more accountable.

Speaker Jayasuriya also pointed out that it would be more efficient and responsible if the President and the Prime Minister could issue joint statements on government decisions.

Speaker Jayasuriya also urged all political parties to follow a common agenda of national interest to overcome the crisis situation in the country. He also commends the Security Forces and Police for the remarkable services they are rendering to secure the country from terrorism.


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