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Police arrest two individuals over Negombo clashes

Social media blockade lifted

Two individuals have been arrested following clashes in Negombo which according to Police escalated when a group of intoxicated individuals behaved in an unruly manner. Police were promted to impose an immediate police curfew which was lifted at 7a.m. yesterday.

Police Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekera said that a heated disagreement between two individuals flared into a clash when a group of intoxicated individuals became embroiled in the argument.

As seen in video footage of the clashes which went viral on social media, motorbikes, three-wheelers and shops were vandalised in the ensuing tension. Police were swift to enforce an immediate Police curfew in a bid to contain the situation.

The curfew which came into effect from 8 p.m. on Sunday was lifted at 7a.m yesterday.

“It was due to the immediate action of Police that prevented greater harm to individuals and establishments within that Police division,” the spokesperson said. “Multiple incidents were reported simultaneously from Negombo, Katana and Kochikade prior to the curfew.” “Three cases of assault were reported to which complaints had been lodged at the Police stations, however no individuals were admitted to hospital,” he said. He also mentioned that the many special operations which were conducted by Police and the Tri-Forces during the last two weeks, curtailed the use of swords, machetes during such clashes.

A blockade of social media platforms which came into effect during the clashes in Negombo was lifted yesterday morning.

Sources say that live streaming of footage of the clashes would have exacerbated the situation which the Police were trying to contain. 


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