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‘Eppawala Phosphate company’s work inefficient’

Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development, Irrigation, and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister P. Harrison said that the Eppawala Phosphate company’s progress was unsatisfactory.

Therefore, plans were under way to address the issue at the facility in order to make it more profitable, the minister added.

He said that the company had failed to achieve its targetted yield of 70,000 metric tonnes (MT) of fertiliser and produced only 50,000MT of it.

The company’s sales have been limited only to the Coconut Triangle (the areas between Colombo, Kurunegala, and Puttalam), Minister Harrison said, adding that although Plantation Industries Minister Navin Dissanayake had requested fertiliser from the company, its officials were unconcerned to provide the required yield on time.

Minister Harrison said that the conduct of certain officials was said to have been unsatisfactory, adding that some workers were alleged to have committed frauds.

The minister said that a new board of directors has been appointed to the Lanka Phosphate company and the Water Resources Board in order to speed up the company’s progress. 


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