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Nalanda Reservoir overrun by invasive plants

The Nalanda Reservoir, as well as its catchment area in Pallepola, has been overrun by an invasive plant known as the ‘giant sensitive tree’, recently. Residents of the area said that the plant has covered over 500 acres in the area during the past 10 years.

Farmers said that it was difficult to stop the plant from spreading, adding that no matter how many plants they burnt or uprooted, they still kept growing. They added that cattle avoid eating the plant as it was poisonous.

The seeds of the plant spread via rainwater, residents said. They added that they have had to abandon some of their farmlands due to the issue as well.

Farmers also said that they had informed authorities regarding the matter on several occasions. They urged authorities to address the issue, immediately. Researchers said that the plant was first reported in Sri Lanka in 1997 and has been spreading at an alarming rate ever since.


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