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Stand united for a better tomorrow: French Ambassador

Through these few lines, I wish to convey to all our Sri Lankan friends and—first of all, to those struck in the heart, within their family or among their close relatives—the deepest solidarity of the French people on learning about the brutal attacks on Easter Sunday.

To all the families affected by these horrific events, as well as to those who were witnesses to these and remain marked by the horror of these moments, I would like to say that we will always be by their side because we, too, like many other countries, have been attacked and wounded deep within by soulless terrorists devoid of any belief.

From this still-recent experience—less than four years ago during the attacks in Paris—we learnt.

We learnt that the message is certainly firmness, justice, and rule of law; but also that in the darkest moments of the history of a country and its people, there is the certainty that the tomorrows will be more beautiful and that we always overcome grief, anger, and despair. This is still our message to you, our Sri Lankan friends. Our compassion and sympathy go out to you, and like us, your history is long, full of battles and suffering, but it will again be instilled with moments of happiness.

To those who have fallen, to those in whose memory this terrible Easter Sunday will remain etched, I wished to convey these words of friendship, solidarity, and hope—which I dedicate as well, of course, to all the foreigners affected by these appalling attacks, and their families who share the suffering of an entire nation.


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