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‘Stand Together for the Country’

Ampara benefits from President’s project

The third phase of the ‘Stand Together for the Country’ development programme is being undertaken from May 6-11 in the Ampara District. Around 5,000 development projects benefitting people in 20 Divisional Secretariats will be started. Around 600 programmes were initiated yesterday.

Ampara District Secretary D.M.L. Bandaranayake said many programmes will be implemented from May 6-11 in 20 Divisional Secretariats in Ampara District under the third phase of National Development Programme ‘Stand Together for the Country’ implemented under the guidance of the Presidential Secretariat. The District Secretariat said in addition to 20 major programmes under ‘Stand Together for the Country’ projects, many other national programmes such as Preventing Kidney Disease, Save the Children, Drug Prevention, Ranawiru Services, Food Safety, Dengue Prevention, Smart Sri Lanka, Protect Environment, Garbage Management, Gramashakthi are implemented over 507 GN Divisions in this multinational District. Many programmes targeting preschools and elders are also being carried out as well as tree planting and gardeningograms.

Different government institutions including Ministries, Departments and Statutory Boards are also delivering their public service through this national development programme, monitored by the Presidential Secretariat under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena. A team of government officials will participate in this programme with Heads of the Department representing each government institution.

According to the Ampara District Secretariat, the closing ceremony will be held at Uhana Divisional Secretariat premises on May 11 under the patronage of the President Maithripala Sirisena. The participation of around 5,000 public and state officers is expected. 


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