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‘Not only women, men too suffer male dominance’

The condition of women in the world as we all witness now is marked by contrasting gaps in all domains and spaces: public, private, and even digital. Despite the advances women have made in many societies, the journey towards achieving gender equality remains slow and erratic.

Furthermore, women’s rights are always given the second priority due to which, they continue to face marginalization that takes subtle as well as blatant forms. Prof. Anita Singh, from Centre for Women’s Studies and Development, Banaras Hindu University, India, told at the 2nd International Conference on Future of Women 2019 held under the theme, ‘Voices of Women: Transition from Inspiration to Action,’ in Colombo recently.

The event was organized by the International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM).

For instance, she highlighted the gender inequality in the world of economy where the nature of their work is often termed as ‘shallow economy’. It is depicted in such a way because it is said that their contribution is limited to domestic and other subsistent functions.

Prof. Singh also noted that deliberating on gender equality does not benefit women alone, but the world as well.

“It is by achieving gender equality that the world could harvest the full potential of women that could enhance its condition. This could only be achieved when women, men and third genders are equally empowered in all spheres of society,” she said.

Speaking further she said women should have a sense of self worth, Right to make choices, Right to have access to opportunities and resources, Right to have power to control their own lives, Right to direct social change and create a just economic order nationally and internationally.

“We need to speak up and speak out in our stories. Let us not think about ourselves as victims of forces we have no control over. Let us see ourselves as being loved, grounded and powerful. Stories we give voice to, will have a therapeutic effect. Let us reinterpret and retell our stories. Our voices will rise in a global roar for intersection and equality,” Prof. Singh said.

Meanwhile, Ruth Ostrow, a speaker, writer and presenter from Australia speaking on the topic “Inspiration to Action: Bridging the Gap” said, the most common obstacle women face is male dominance or patriarchy.

She highlighted that not only women, but gentlemen also suffer the burden of male dominance.


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