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Miniature scenes playfully set upon food

The clever stylings of these culinary masters feature witty arrangements and subtle humor that will make you smile. Commercial food photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have been developing their playfully miniature series since 2002.

Entitled ‘Minimiam’–a blend of the words “miniature” and “miam” (yummy in French)–the project documents the lives of tiny toy people set against delightfully delicious backdrops.

From snowy meringue fields to a doughnut golf course, the edible landscapes tell entertaining stories of work, play, leisure, and adventure.

The creative duo say, “We’re both food photographer in our daily work, and we’re both quite crazy about cooking, eating and everything about food. So when we started this small people series, naturally we created the stories related to the food.” My Modern Met 


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