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MP Rahman asks for evidence against him

In reply to a recent comment made by MP Dr. Wijedasa Rajapaksa, UNP MP Mujibar Rahuman on Sunday requested if any evidence or information is available against him for supporting Islamic extremist terrorists, to provide such details to the investigators or the responsible authorities.

MP Rahuman made these observations at a press brief held at Temple Trees yesterday morning.

According to MP Rahuman, Dr. Rajapaksa has alleged that he and some other Muslim MPs have had connections with Islamic extremists in the country.

Accordingly, MP Rahuman demands Dr. Rajapaksa to handover any evidence or information pertaining to the allegtion without accusing him in media.

MP Rahuman also said that he can take legal action against Rajapaksa for making such allegation in media.

"Rajapaksa has been doing similar accusations in Parliament while hiding behind Parliamentary previlages. Now that he has given his commentry in media, I can take legal action against him." MP Rahuman pointed out.

MP Rahuman alleged that Rajapaksa is acting like a "cardboard hero" and is throwing baseless accusations.