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No need for Sharia Universities here - MP Musthapha

Individuals involved in the Easter Sunday attacks are not extremists but, terrorists. Therefore, they cannot be recognized as Muslims, former Minister and UPFA MP Faizer Musthapha said.

Addressing media in Colombo yesterday he said, as a community, the Muslims are against the terrorism and they have lost the love and the respect of other communities due to a minority group involved in terrorism.

Answering the journalists, he said banning the Burqa worn by Muslim ladies at this moment is a timely decision and everyone should cope with it considering national security. “Covering the face at public places is a huge threat to the country’s security.”

Musthapha also spoke against the Sharia University being constructed in the Eastern Province and said legal action should be taken against it. “There is no need of Sharia Universities for Sri Lanka.”

He said the relevant authorities should inquire the allegations against the individuals including the politicians who have been involved in these incidents and law should be enforced strictly against those interrupting the investigations. “Those people are terrorists. We should eliminate brutal terrorism from the country. We as Muslims support that,” he added.


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