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Singer Fashion Academy hosts free Workshops

Giving an opportunity for future fashion entrepreneurs and designers in the country the knowledge and techniques required to progress in building their design collections and fashion businesses, The Singer Fashion Academy has commenced a series of free workshops conducted across the key regions of the country.

The workshops are uniquely tailored to involve both conceptual and trend driven design work through experimentation with creative cutting techniques, traditional pattern cutting, textiles, research, illustration, conceptualization and visualization techniques, sketching, color study and understanding the use of different fabrics. It also covers business operational skills, customer profiling, range development across a variety of market levels and market gap analysis. By utilizing these techniques, the participants will have the ability to formulatetheir collection lines and plan their business operations.

Koshitha Peramunagamage, Head of Singer Business School stated that the key purpose of the workshops was for future fashion entrepreneursto fully understand the scope and opportunities available in the field of fashion design and to create a pathway for them to becomeindependent creative thinkers who can come up with innovativedesign collectionsto manage a successful fashion business in an ever evolving and competitive industry. “We recognize that giving substantial personal support to these fashion entrepreneurs to acquire strong technical skills as well as sound business knowledge is key to helping them to successfully enter into the international world of fashion and take their businesses to the next level.”

Peramunagamage further informed that these were the first in a series of planned workshops that were hosted to help fashion designers understand better the business side and techniques of fashion design. “We want to give them every opportunity to harness their talents to create innovative fashion brands backed by proper market knowledge,that will allow these young designers to break barriers and find their unique place in fashion, which in turn will also help to uplift the fashion industry in the country.”


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