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Gun powder gone into hands of terrorists

Investigations have revealed that the bombs and the explosives used for the Easter Sunday attacks and the other explosions had gun powder issued by the Government Arms and Ammunition Depot.

The Government’s Arms and Ammunition Depot is under the Sri Lanka Navy.The Government of Sri Lanka does not import gun powder it needs and instead obtains them from a local manufacturer.

Gun powder stored in this depot is issued only through registered distributors for small industries such as metal quarries and for crackers making. The process of issuance is very specific, security sources said.

However, considering the fact that the bomb and the explosives of the recent attacks consisted of this gun powder, a special investigation is being conducted to apprehend the dealer who had handed over them to terrorists.

Navy Commander Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva at a meeting with all registered distributors issued a series of instructions for them to follow with regard to the gun powder obtained from the government warehouse.

He said stern action will be taken against those who had handed over gun powder to terrorists.


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