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NMSJ formulates eight-point resolution to ensure national security

The ‘National Movement for Social Justice’ (NMSJ) has formulated an eight-point resolution on national security for the government’s attention.

The resolutions are:1.Appointing a full-time minister in charge of National Security, reorganising the state intelligence agency with the latest global technologies and making close coordination with other foreign intelligence agencies.

2.Banning all the extremist groups and gangs recognised by the intelligence agencies, confiscating their properties and all the foreign funds granted to the religious place of worship being supervised directly by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

3. Ensuring the security and the confidence of the non-extremist Muslims in the country, protecting the Islamic Culture nourished with the local identity from the influence of the foreign extremist concepts, focusing a special attention regarding the foreigners (Especially from the countries affected by the terrorism) applying for local visa and taking immediate steps to deport anyone arriving at the country for religious preaches without the permission of the government of Sri Lanka.

4. Appointing a Government Media Spokesperson who has the coordination of the media division of Tri-forces and the police to provide correct information on the national security to the public.

5. Setting up a proper mechanism by upgrading the rural civil defence committees with the purpose of giving and obtaining the correct information and establishing a special call center to coordinate this information.

6. Implementing the disciplinary and the legal action effectively against those who have neglected their duties and responsibilities relating to the Easter Sunday incident.

7. Appointing either a special commission or a Parliamentary Select Committee to look into the reasons which pushed the young Muslims towards the extremism and thereby towards the radicalization and taking steps for the social reforms accordingly.

8. Cancelling the schools based on the religion or the race from the country’s school system gradually and setting up a school system with multi-religious reconciliation, which represents all the religions and the races.

According to the NMSJ, these resolutions have been posted to President Maithripala Sirisena and have been handed over to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Speaker Karu Jayasuriya for their attention.

“Positive responses were received from both the Prime Minister and the Speaker and they are still awaiting a response from the President,” NMSJ sources said.


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