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Solution for leg pain at Durdans

If you have been having leg pain when walking or resting, it could be a sign of Peripheral Arterial Disease. The narrowing or blocking of arteries that supply blood is what causes the pain and it reduces mobility as well. Lower Limb Angioplasty Procedure is performed at Durdans Hospital using the most advanced perfusion imaging available in Sri Lanka.

This procedure can relieve the symptoms and prevent serious complications which can lead to an amputation of a part or even the whole lower limb.

Arteries are a complex and sensitive network in the human body. Therefore, Peripheral Arterial Disease is difficult to manage medically and can advance to ulcers and gangrene with the last resort being amputation.However, Lower Limb Angioplasty using the technique of perfusion imaging enables the blocks to be removed and arteries widened using a catheter-based procedure without any cut.

Before the procedure, the clearest picture of the blocked or narrowed arteries in the leg is obtained through perfusion imaging to aid in a superior outcome. Then, following the procedure, the patient will be able to clearly see the results of the procedure where the block has been completely removed and the blood flow restored, through perfusion imaging.

The Lower Limb Angioplasty procedure is performed as an in-patient procedure and uses local anaesthesia.

A clear X-ray dye called contrast is injected through a small thin tube to the affected area so that blood vessels and any blocked or narrowed areas in the artery can be seen prior to treatment. A special catheter with a balloon at the end is inserted into the artery and passed through the block or narrowed area. It is used to widen the narrowed artery and clear the block, following which the affected part and the areas below will provided with a blood re-circulation to prevent cells from dying.

Durdans Hospital is a leading healthcare institution in Sri Lanka with over 70 years of medical excellence in all specialties. The expert interventional radiologists at Durdans Hospital are able to perform minimally invasive interventions for a wide range of conditions.


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