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Adorable bird bath ideas

With spring in the air, it’s difficult to not be thinking about spending time outdoors, admiring nature. A backyard garden full of flowers helps to draw in birds, which increases your outdoor enjoyment.

It is fun to watch birds flit from tree to tree and preen in a beautiful bird bath.

Bird baths provide wild birds with fresh water and a safe place to bathe and drink. They need water to groom their feathers regularly and keep them in excellent condition.

The following bird baths are creative and inexpensive ideas to provide your backyard friends with fresh water for drinking and bathing.

1. PVC Mister Bird Bath

Hummingbirds are small and have a difficult time using a traditional bird bath. That is why this bird bath, by Birds and Bloom is so unique and creative. This mister bird bath provides a mist spray for hummingbirds to fly through.

A five gallon container holds the water and a submersible pump pumps it through the plumbing pipe so it can mist. The hummingbirds can easily fly through the mist and unused water falls back into the container to be reused, reducing water waste.

2. Upcycled Wire Plant Stand Bird Bath with Light Cover

If you have an old wire plant stand and lighting fixtures in your garage that you no longer use, this bird bath idea is perfect for you.

An old wire plant stand is painted and once it is dry, a cover from an old lighting fixture is set on top. Plug the hole in the bottom of the light cover with silicone caulk to keep water in and you will have a great recycled bird bath.

3. Freestanding Leaf Bird Bath

Another great idea from the people at Birds and Bloom is this adorable leaf bird bath that uses a hosta leaf to form the bath. A mix of sand, Portland cement, and concrete fortifier make this a durable freestanding bird bath.

The mixture is mixed and added in layers to the back of the leaf until it is one-half inch to one inch thick. It is allowed to dry slowly for a day or two, then cures for one week. After drying out completely, it is then painted or sealed.

4. Simple Ikea Hack Bird Bath

There’s an Ikea hack for almost everything these days and your garden in no exception. In this tutorial from Karen of The Art of Doing Stuff, she paints inexpensive dowel rods and uses them as a stand for this simple, classy bird bath.

The dish she uses for the bowl of the bird bath is an organic candle plate from Ikea. It makes the perfect focal point for this shallow bird bath and doesn’t detract from the beauty of your garden.

5. Tea Party Bird Bath and Feeder

This adorable tea cup and saucer bird bath and feeder from Intimate Weddings is a perfect, decorative addition to a garden with limited space.

In this tutorial they use antique tea cups and saucers and glue them together using epoxy. Copper plumbing pipe is then attached to the bottom of the saucer.

This idea is a great way to provide birds with water in your garden and add a decorative element to your flower garden. This is a great way to repurpose old teacups and help birds in your yard.

6. Upcycled Lawn Chair Bird Bath

If you have an old iron or wire law chair without a seat, you are in luck. Melissa of Daisy Mae Belle created a beautiful bird bath by setting a garden pot saucer in place of where the seat would have been.

The result is a sturdy, durable bird bath that can last for many years and provides an excellent shallow bathing spot for wild birds in your garden. If you want to bring a pop of color to your garden, you can paint the chair or saucer a vibrant color.



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