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Industry calls for a Threat Level System

Gayani De Alwis
Gayani De Alwis

Chairperson Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Gayani De Alwis, speaking to the ‘Daily News Finance’ on 2 May called on the government to create a threat level system with publicly shared information to help businesses take proactive measures.

In her experience at multinational firms, she cited threat level systems as a means to mitigate risk. Alwis said “such a system would make sure that people are aware. We don’t want to react like headless chickens. If information is shared proactively the damage can be limited.” Alwis likened the system to alerts for flooding.

Alwis said that the recent events have impacted premiums on security. Alwis added that due to the security checks, which are heavily justified, the smooth movement of transport has been affected. Various security measures have been implemented at the Port.

Alwis said, “people are not willing to report to work.” She later added that this is a temporary issue which will be resolved once there is complete confidence in national security. She said she had seen signs of things slowly returning to normal. Alwis cited the importance of business continuity plans. Alwis said that the informal sector notably three-wheel drivers and small shops had been particularly impacted.

Alwis added the “government must show it is fully in control.” Alwis praised the recent press interviews by Kishu Gomes. She called on for the portraying of a united nation confident of its future prospects within the media coverage.

Alwis called on the entire nation to develop the right processes with the right stakeholders to better face future issues.



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