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Extremist groups nurtured under Rajapaksa regime - Tilvin

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva yesterday said capitalist rulers in the country should be responsible for nurturing extremism on the lines of religion and race.

He said Islamic and Buddhist extremist groups were nurtured under the rule of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“They created these extremist groups and used them. Now they are trying to regain power to stop extremism in the country,” the JVP General Secretary said.

He said voters should think twice when such politicians seek power again.

“These power-hungry political groups have resorted to using the sensitivities of the people and their pain of mind to achieve their petty and narrow political objectives,” Silva said.

He was speaking at the JVP May Day commemoration at the party headquarters in Pelawatte yesterday.

Silva said those who are in power are making the maximum advantage of the Easter Sunday attacks. “They are bringing Emergency regulations and the Counter Terrorism Bill to cover up their incompetence.”

He said the rulers would use these attacks to forget the burning problems of the country such as unemployment and the wage increase for plantation workers.

“Those who lost power at the last Presidential and Parliamentary Elections are trying to regain power using these tragic incidents,” he said.

He said national security should be protected. “National security should be strengthened, but democratic and human rights should not be at stake,” he said

Silva said the security of the people should be upheld while protecting human rights and democracy.

“Capitalism and imperialism have brought hunger, social injustice and wars. Today’s society requires justice instead of injustice and rationalism instead of myths.”

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the rulers of the country have shown their incompetence and the country needs a new breed of rulers. “The economy has suffered an unprecedented setback.”

Silva said his party has no intention to turn the Easter Sunday attacks into a political issue.

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